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    DDOTT is a small-scale type foundry and publishing project founded by Dominik Thieme in 2017. The foundry explores the historical and technical influence on typefaces, studies the multiple features of analogue typography, and tries to bring that singular appearance back to the screen. We believe that the personality of a typeface is highly influenced by the traces and irregularities that we can find in letterpress.

    Every typeface is carefully designed after well thought out conceptual and experimental research. We aim to deliver fonts of the highest quality, both visually and technically. We want to make sure all our typefaces can be used under any circumstance, so every font family we design has an extensive character set, helpful features, plus some funny and pleasant surprises 💭.

    DDOTT is member of L’Automàtica, a cultural association based in Barcelona that is focused on hot metal typesetting. We share the love for typographic craftsmanship. 💥

    💬 Feel free to contact us in English, German or Spanish. We try to come back to you in the next 48 hours. Instagram


    What if a typeface is close, but not entirely what you need? In addition to our retail library, we offer a wide range of graphic services. This may mean modifying a few glyphs, a language, or family extension of our existing typefaces. Or perhaps drawing a bespoke typeface of any classification or genre. We have extensive experience designing original wordmarks, visual identities, and other typography-focused projects for brands and cultural clients. Get in touch with us 💬 and we'll sort out any doubt.


    DDOTT Fonts are commercial software that you must purchase licensing. The font license authorizes you to download, install and use a font within the rules established by our licensing agreements. At no time and under no circumstance are you the owner of the font file. Our licenses do not have an expiration date so they are valid for life. All fonts are sold exclusively through this website only. For further information and the legally binding terms have a look in the End User License Agreement (EULA). Read them in full here.

    We calculate licenses based on the company size of the font’s license owner. When you purchase licenses for Desktop and Web Use in the online shop, please select the appropriate number of employees in your company.

    Desktop License

    Allows you to install the font files on your system (MAC/PC) and use them in DTP software to create printed documents, PDFs, graphics for social media, presentations and 💭. The font files are provided in .otf format.

    Web license

    Allows you to upload font files on your server and manage them via CSS @FontFace on your website. Web license covers only one domain name, included all subdomains. The font files are provided in .woff and .woff2 format.

    Trial License

    Is for sketching only and should not be used for any publication. Trial fonts are limited in characters and features. The font files are provided in .otf format.

    Other licenses

    Additional to the standard licensing listed above, we offer App, Broadcasting, Logo, Corporate Licenses and more upon request. Please contact us 💬 with your project details for more information.


    What is your price policy?

    We believe in an intuitive and fair purchase process for our costumers. That's why our font licensing is based on the company size of the font’s license owner and that's all. Subcontractors only need to indicate the number of employees of the company and don’t have to lose time digging into data of web traffic or app downloads.

    Do I have to pay Value-Added Tax (VAT)?

    As company we are required by law to apply taxes. EU customers outside of Spain can enter their EU-VAT Number to proceed without tax charges.

    Who is the licensee?

    Always the Client. That is to say, if you purchase a license to produce the design for your client that is a license for your company. If your client then needs files to produce output themselves they will require a license of their own. You may transfer your license to your client provided that you destroy all copies of the fonts in your possession, including backups, and provide your client with a copy of our standard End User License Agreement along with the fonts.

    How do I buy fonts for a third party, like my client?

    You have two options. You can share the cart with your client by clicking on “Share Cart” in the cart. Or you can enter your client's information in the field  “License Holder”.

    Can I give the fonts to freelancers?

    If the freelancer works on remote outside your business premises and on his own computers, then you need to purchase a separate license for him.

    Does my printer or programmer need a license?

    No. You can give the font files to your printer or programmer for a limited amount of time without purchasing an additional license. The licenses holder must make sure that all copies of the font are deleted as soon as the job finishes.

    Do you offer student discounts?

    Yes! We offer a 50% discount for students. Please contact us for more informations at with an up-to-date student ID card scan attached, and we will promptly send you a discount code.

    We are also offering special licenses for institutions and schools. Please contact us with details and we will provide you with a quote.

    I have previously licensed a font that you recently updated. Can I get the new version?

    Definitely! By going back to your account you can download the upgraded files or send an email with your invoice attached, and we’ll make sure you get the updated version. Don’t forget to delete the former version before installing the new one.

    Do you offer discounts for upgrades if I have previously purchased fonts?

    Yes. Please write us an email with the invoice of your purchase attached. We will calculate the price difference and send you a discount code.

    Can I get refund for the font that I've purchased?

    All purchases are final and cannot be refunded or exchanged.

    However, should you encounter any technical issues with your font files, please contact us. We will sort it out with you or, if and only if our font can't be installed successfully in the computer of your choice, offer a refund.

    What languages do your fonts support?

    Each typeface’s page contains a list of all covered languages as well as a preview of the full character set. Language support can also be assessed by downloading the PDF specimens on the same page.

    What is a EULA?

    EULA stands for “End User License Agreement” and is essentially a term-sheet that specifies how our fonts may, or may not, be used. Our retail fonts are software that you only can purchase licensing for. Technically speaking, you’re not purchasing the fonts themselves, but a license (the right) to use them within the rules established by our licensing agreements.

    Can I modify the fonts?

    As license holder you are not allowed to alter the font software. But you can convert our font in outlines and modify them in DTP Software (Indesign, Figma etc.). For modifications to the actual font files contact us with details and we will provide you with a quote.

    Where are my fonts?

    After a successful payment an email with a download link is send to the address in the checkout form. Please check your spam folder first, but send us an email if you haven't received within 15 minutes.

    I have a problem with your fonts!

    Have you tried turning it off and on again? – Then send us an email with your order number and the problem description! We’ll help you as quickly as possible.

    Do you have ethical guidelines?

    As company we try to be as ecologic as possible. That's why our energy supply for computers and servers is 100% renovable. Our shipping boxes are 100% recyclable. We do not use plastic for our short-life packaging. All our shipments are 100% offset.

    Besides our ecological guidelines, our Terms (§ 8.1) prohibit the use of our products in any relation with abuse or discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age and national origin.


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